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University Hospitals Taps 2bPrecise to Deliver Genomic Insights

University Hospitals Taps 2bPrecise to Deliver Genomic Insights

University Hospitals, today announced it, has selected the 2bPrecise® platform to bring genomic data into the clinical workflow, impacting patient care in both acute and ambulatory settings. The 2bPrecise platform is an offering from 2bPrecise LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allscripts. University Hospitals (UH) serves the needs of patients through an integrated network of 18 hospitals, more than 50 outpatient health centers and 200 physician offices in 15 counties throughout northern Ohio.  In addition to 2bPrecise, UH currently uses Allscripts Sunrise, Allscripts Sunrise Surgical Care, Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution, Allscripts Care Management, Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, Allscripts EPSi and iPro Anesthesia from iProcedures.

UH chose 2bPrecise in part because the platform is cloud-based and EHR-agnostic, allowing clinicians the ability to access genomic insights without leaving their preferred workflows, and leverage the information to make optimal testing, diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. The genomic data points were already part of the EHR system but, with the 2bPrecise delivery program, patient information will be more accessible to physicians allowing for the data to be part of the medical record and subsequently shape and tailor the best treatment or therapy options for patients.


The platform likewise can be leveraged to potentially impact diagnoses and precise treatment beyond cancer, including cardiology and neurology, as well as to enable research acceleration.The new system also allows UH to use the gene data to better align tests and treatments for patients that have a history of cholesterol or psychiatric markers as well as other conditions that genomic markers could provide the best treatment avenues.


The 2bPrecise approach to precision medicine is flexible and scalable, enabling organizations to begin with very targeted focus areas — such as oncology, cardiology or pharmacogenomics — and eventually helping them to expand to other areas, such as pediatrics or chronic conditions, with new functionality and applications.

“2bPrecise differentiates itself through its focus on the provider workflow and the delivery of precise knowledge to the point of care,” said Assaf Halevy, CEO of 2bPrecise LLC, “as well as research to enable all providers to more precisely diagnose and effectively treat their patients.



“We are honored and excited to welcome University Hospitals to the 2bPrecise family,” he adds. “The organization’s trail-blazing efforts will benefit not only their patients, but the precision medicine community as a whole. By offering an easy-to-use solution that plugs into existing workflows with minimal effort, we can help University Hospitals achieve immediate results as well as scale over time to match growing needs.”