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Blocks Modular Smartwatch is as different as they come. There is literally nothing like it. If you have been waiting for a smartwatch that truly blows your mind, this might just be it.


With so many smartwatch brands in the market from Samsung to Fitbit to Apple, standing out has become a tall order. Everyone is trying to take the prize for best smartwatch.

Samsung has come in with its sleek round smartwatches, Huawei with its brilliant display, Garmin with its high-end smartwatch and Fitbit with its fitness-focused smart wearable. Even Google is planning its own splash with two smartwatches.

But none of them comes close to what Blocks is promising us; a modular smartwatch that comes with swappable and upgradable modules.

Remember the, sadly, failed Project Ara by Google?

Well, you could describe the Blocks Modular Smartwatch as the Project Ara of smartwatches. It is unlike anything else we have seen in the market.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch – The Concept

Blocks Modular SmartwatchThe concept behind Blocks Modular Smartwatch is to offer a highly customizable smartwatch to users. When you think of customizable, you probably picture removable straps, different colors and unique watch faces. For the Blocks Modular Smartwatch, customization means having a watch with the features you want. These extra features are made available through extra modules attached to the watch and forming part of the strap.

The Current and Upcoming Modules for Blocks

You will be able to attach an extra battery module, a heart rate monitor module, a GPS module and NFC payment module and so on. Essentially, you can create the watch you desire and one that fits your lifestyle.

If you are going to the gym, you put in a heart rate monitor module. If you are going biking, put in one for GPS tracking. If your battery is running low, just insert an extra battery module. There will also be an adventure module filled with sensors to track altitude, pressure and temperature.

Blocks says they plan more modules in the future including a camera module, a Sim Card module, a fingerprint module and an air quality module among many others.

The list is truly endless.

3rd Party Modules

What is even more exciting is that the company intends to come up with an open design. This means that other third parties can create their own modules and add them to the collection.

An important point to note is that only a maximum of 4 or 5 modules can fit on the watch at a single instance. So it’s all about removing the modules you do not need and inserting the ones you need at a certain moment. You can easily see why many are calling this the ‘last smartwatch you will ever need’.