Samsung’s New Gear VR Headsets USB – C, But You Won’t Leave

I’m on a skateboard cruising down a highway with some friends. We are beginning to pick up some serious speed, but then I remember none of this is real. I’m actually standing awkwardly on a gyrating skateboard inside of a flashy New York City hotel with a virtual reality headset strapped to my face.

I’m here testing out Samsung’s new Gear VR headset. I take off the headset and begin to examine it. The all-black design is appealing, but what’s more exciting is the device sitting on the inside. It’s the new Galaxy Note 7, which is connected to the headset’s USB-C port — a new feature this year. I see this and immediately begin to wonder: Does this mean the new VR headset won’t support older models? Luckily this isn’t the case, as the headset ships with a dongle that makes it compatible with older Samsung devices.

The USB-C port isn’t the only new feature. There’s also a wider viewing angle, better navigation, more face padding and an all black paint job. Perhaps even more appealing is the price. The new Gear VR will begin shipping on August 19 for $99 (£80, AU$159), which is the same price as last year’s model. Preorders start tomorrow.