There Is Plenty Of Gas?By BMW Alexa Connect The Inspection Application

With a voice command, you’ll soon be able to check on the gas level in your BMW and lock its doors — from the comfort of your living room.

The BMW Connected app — an iOS only app for now, though Android integration is coming soon — will integrate with Alexa starting in September. Amazon’s digital assistant is built into always-listening devices like the Amazon Echo, and this newest skill adds to an already robust list of capabilities.

The BMW Connected app also integrates with your calendar and your maps app to import directions and estimated arrival times to your car. Via Alexa, you won’t have to trek out to the garage to be sure it’s locked in the evening, or to make sure you have enough gas to make it to work the next morning.

The idea of bringing Alexa to your car isn’t new: Other car companies announced similar plans at this year’s CES.