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It And On The Same Page

Modern industrial operations are combining automation and information technologies in a converged Ethernet infrastructure.

This is enabling us to produce more flexible systems with higher levels of visibility – and unlock the real-time decision making that is often hidden within automation systems. That power is driving unprecedented levels of productivity – and profitability.

But how do we take this convergence from an idea to reality? The answer is in our employees.

We’ve all heard it: IT and OT need to work together. As Ethernet moves deeper into plants, operations are increasingly connected, and job roles are shifting. Historically, OT maintained networks and devices in industrial environments, while IT professionals managed Ethernet on the business side.

Now as networks converge, so do job roles. Manufacturers have a lot to gain with Big Data and the IoT. Workers with the right cross-functional skills and mindset are key to increasing productivity and improving risk mitigation.

Free Webinar: Increase Business Agility by Converging Manufacturing and Business Systems. Amgen, a biotechnology medicine company, shared their story about how they redesigned their infrastructure to increase security. View the on demand webinar now.

Industrial IP Advantage, a coalition of Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation that advocates for the use of standard, unmodified Ethernet and Internet Protocol, has created new Network Design eLearning classes to help meet the emerging needs of OT and IT professionals tasked with deploying a secure, holistic network architecture. These scenario-based, online courses teach critical design skills based on validated reference architectures, and bridge the skills gap between IT and OT professionals.

A converged modern infrastructure promises improved performance and production, better real-time decision making and a reduction in operating costs from efficiency gains and optimization of processes. But the first step in enabling this convergence is bridging IT and OT. Check out Industrial IP Advantage’s eLearning courses to get your teams on the same page.