Interview With Anna Nyk Ä Nen Pulseon–about Your Partner For High Quality Optical Heart Wear

Although PulseOn – a Finnish company was founded in 2012, PulseOn has over 50 years of OHR research and development expertise and various pending patents for algorithms and device design. Their constant development of technology toward higher heart rate accuracy, reliability and power optimization offers customers the highest quality solutions for today and the future. Today WT | Wearable Technologies has a very interesting interview with Anna Nykänen, the Head of Sales and Marketing of PulseOn. You don’t want to miss the chance to learn more about the PulseOn at WT | Wearable Technologies conference 2016 Asia in Hong Kong on October 12 where Anna will be speaking.

How did you come up with the idea of a heart rate monitor as PulseOn OHR?

The company is a spin off from Nokia and most of the RD personnel were working on the OHR devices already while still there, hence we have a decades of experience and IP on OHR which is our core business. We were asked by our customers for a white label, ODM, OHR tracker device so we decided to make one. This is for our customers a way for faster entry to the market with a proven, highly accurate technology and design that really works.


What makes PulseOn stand out in the market?

PulseOn offers highest quality wearable Optical Heart Rate (OHR) monitoring solutions for sports, fitness, wellness and healthcare. Our OHR technology is available as OHR sensor modules, white label OHR tracker products and technology license.
PulseOn patented sensor solution and advanced algorithms provide scientifically validated continuous OHR detection in wide range of conditions, up to beat-to-beat resolution, allowing heart rate variability analysis.

What can be the key benefits of PulseOn at the moment?

  • Accurate up to maximum heart rate for reliable monitoring during sports
  • Low power consumption for maximum battery life up to 7 days
  • Enables 24/7 activity monitoring with HR tracking
  • Sleep analyses including smart wake-up feature using vibrating motor
  • Automatic data transfer to application or service
  • Beat-to-beat accurate, high resolution for stress and recovery analysis
  • Very simple and easy to use with stylish design and easy customization