IFTTT Insert Formula To Control The Third Party Applications

IFTTT (short for “if this, then that”) is a free online service — with it, you can craft automation recipes that link services and gadgets that don’t work together otherwise. Now, you can expect to start seeing those recipes built right into the apps you normally use to control those gadgets.

For instance, if you whip up a recipe that turns your Lifx smart bulbs on whenever a motion detector sees you, you’ll see that recipe appear in the Lifx app, complete with the option to turn it on and off. You’ll even see suggested recipes to help get the creativity flowing.

IFTTT announced the change in a blog post yesterday, citing improved accessibility as the goal. Visibility seems like a key factor, too. After all, people are more likely to use IFTTT recipes if they see them waiting to be switched on. By inserting those recipes into third-party apps, IFTTT can get more people to put the service to use without needing them to visit the IFTTT website or open the IFTTT app.

Native IFTTT integrations are already live in the following apps:

  • Adobe
  • Awair
  • BloomSky
  • Foobot
  • Garageio
  • Lifx
  • Qapital
  • Roger
  • Skybell
  • Stack Lighting

Integrations for other products, including Emberlight, the Automatic vehicle monitor and the Ring video doorbell, are said to be coming soon.