Garmin Announces Vivofit Jr, For Children To Design A Fitness Tracker


Garmin is entering new territory with its first fitness tracker designed for kids.

The company on Thursday announced the Vivofit Jr, a swim-proof fitness tracker with one year of battery life. The tracker is a child-size version of the Vivofit 3, and can measure steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep. Other features include an always-on and sunlight-readable display and a move bar to remind kids when they have been sitting for too long.

The tracker is also compatible with a task management app that parents can use to assign chores and responsibilities and give kids recognition for completing certain tasks, such as making their bed or setting the table. You can also set a timer from the app that will count down on the tracker, which could come in handy for limiting television watching or as a study timer.

The Vivofit Jr is designed for kids ages four to nine. The one-piece band is available in black, broken-lava, digi-camo, purple-strike and “real flower” band patterns and fits wrists up to 145 millimeters (5.7 inches). Garmin is offering larger bands for wrists between 146 to 170 millimeters (up to 6.7 inches), but you can also use accessory bands from the Vivofit 3.

The Vivofit Jr is available now from Garmin and at Target and Best Buy for $80 (£80, AU$130). It will arrive at Toys R Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart and additional retailers later this fall.

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