Change The Way Of Working To Change Our Office Environment

In less than a decade, technology has completely changed the way we work.

We’re more mobile and less tied to an office. We’re more collaborative and less siloed. Skype for meetings connects us live to teams around the world without the cost and hassle of travelling.

For all of these reasons, our company – and many companies like ours – need to rethink how we use office space. Our facility in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a great example of increasing collaboration while reducing actual office space.

For years we operated and felt like dispersed teams, with groups of employees located in different parts of our building.

The Connected Enterprise Customer Center Opens in 2017

In just a few months, Karlsruhe will host an important opening: the first Connected Enterprise Customer Center in EMEA.

With this unique center in the region, we are looking forward to showcasing the technologies and solutions that make the Connected Enterprise come to life to our existing and potential customers, partners and universities.

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While the number of employees working here has not changed over time, the makeup of our teams – and the need to collaborate – requires us to have closer, easier interaction onsite and with colleagues across time zones and borders.

As a result, we’re literally moving closer together. By re-designing our office space, the square meters we occupy is now less than it was a year ago – but the way we occupy that space reflects the way we need to work together.

Saving Space Saves Money

And there’s a lot of sharing going on. We have flex space for employees who are often out of the office, either working with customers or working from home.

Since most people travel with just a laptop, it’s easy to take root anywhere that’s comfortable – and alleviates the need to pay for space we don’t use.

We’re learning as we go. Working with Lilarosso GmbH, we’re taking advantage of the latest thinking and leading practices around flexible space, so we can create the best workspace and office environment possible.

What do you think? Do you have an idea about how to make office space more comfortable, effective and efficient? Share it with me.