In 2016, Tom Tom To Become A Sports Brand

Tom Tom, is a global leader of navigation, traffic and map products. However, recent news has leaked that they are now transforming into a sports brand. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is integral to proper sports tracking. Today they have ten wearable sports products designed for running, fitness and golf. There is big potential in transforming Tom Tom into a sports brand. The manufacturer of navigation systems innovated three high-developed wearables with further varieties and different features. Tom Tom Golfer 2, Tom Tom Spark and Tom Tom Runner 2 are the pioneers in sports-tracking smartwatches. All in all, Tom Tom’s 10 wearables are all different in purpose, creating a diverse portfolio.

Tom Tom’s newest smartwatch is the Golfer 2 GPS watch. It is able to show golf players the best approach to the green – avoiding all hazards on over 40,000 courses worldwide. Now with automatic shot detection and post-game analysis golf players can drive their game to the next level. With the shot detection built-in to this GPS watch, players can see how fast and far their strike went. Furthermore, Tom Tom developed a special app called MySports to identify improvements or shots in post-game. Users can see what’s working for them and what they can improve; including shot patterns on the course and fairways and greens in regulations. This golf GPS watch gives precise distances to hazards ahead, greens, and lay-ups, to help the players master every hole Round. Also, the tracking data provides all the numbers in one place – the time, overall distance and score of every round. It can even display the number of calories burned. Golfer 2 GPS has zero distractions thanks to the sleek, water-resistant design – so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll hardly realize you’re wearing it, supposes Tom Tom.

Spark Cardio + Music GPS is the ultimate Tom Tom fitness smartwatch. This wearable can hold more than 500 songs without carrying the mobile phone. It’s all pretty easy to set up. All TomTom Spark Watches are compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth headphones so users are able to listen to their favorite playlists while working out. See your stats from multi-sport modes covering a range of fitness activities like running, biking or swimming. With the all-new TomTom Spark, you also receive various modes for indoor cycling and weight lifting. It is also possible to Sync your personal stats to the TomTom MySports app and easily review the progress over time – thanks to the graphical activity dashboard. All MySports are compatible with other running apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, UP by Jawbone, MapMyFitness, NikePlus, and Endomondo.

Similarly, Runner 2 Cardio + Music, decorated with an ISPO Award for the Best Product of the 2016, also allows users to carry over 500 songs without using the mobile phone. This smartwatch enables storage of playlists and wireless headphone accessibility. A special feature to Runner 2 Cardio is the fitness tracking. Metrics like heart rates are built-in, meaning no chest strap needed. Fitness freaks are offered to train in five different heart-rate zones to maximise performance, improve fitness and lose weight. The zones are sprint, speed, endure, fat burn and easy should improve the athlete’s fitness. Of course the watch is able to switch modes and mix up training between run, bike, gym, swim and even the treadmill.

You will have recognized all the Tom Tom wearables have common functions, but every watch is featured individually. In conclusion, it seems like Tom Tom is making the sports smartwatch market more competitive than before. The evolved smartwatches are full of useful and innovative functions that could define Tom Tom as a global leader in their category. This is proven by their ISPO Award at the beginning of the year for the Runner 2 Cardio + Music It is no question that Tom Tom is not only a leading company of navigation, traffic and map products. Yet soon enough, Tom Tom will earn the leading title in the sports brand market. So let´s see what comes up in the next years.