Video: Personalized Medicine?”The Sky’s The Limit”

At TM Forum Live!, Annie Turner, TM Forum, spoke to Rob James, who until recently was CIO of Novartis, about digital health. Will data privacy concerns hamper its growth? What are the challenges around outcome-based payments? And just how personalized can medicine get?

Rob says, “As a mathematician, [I’d say] the sky’s the limit…I think it’s quite possible at some point in the future that somebody will have a problem or disease – that hopefully will be detected very early thanks to technology – and some large computer somewhere is going to be in a position to interpret that data and say ‘wait a minute: the right treatment for you and the right dosage is x’.

“It could actually be able to potentially, through 3D printing, produce a pill that’s specific to you.”

Watch the full video interview:

Watch Rob’s full keynote presentation here:

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