Head, Haiku: Hunter Homekit Ceiling Fans Here

Seven months after its CES debut, the first of Hunter’s Apple-friendly smart ceiling fans is now available for purchase. Called ‘The Signal,’ the fan sells for $379, and offers full compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the company’s iOS-based smart home platform.

With Apple HomeKit, you’ll be able to control the fan and its built-in light remotely on your iOS device alongside other HomeKit-compatible gadgets in Apple’s Home app. You’ll also be able to automate the fan using HomeKit’s “scenes.” For instance, a “bedtime” scene could dim the lights and turn the fan to low, while a “goodbye” scene could turn the fan and the lights off altogether. You can trigger those scenes in the Home app — or by asking Siri to do it.

That puts this smart fan right up against the Haiku L Series fan from Big Ass Solutions, which costs $450. Though it doesn’t work with HomeKit, the Haiku fan offers similar smart functionality, and syncs up with Amazon’s Alexa to bring voice controls into the picture.

The Signal comes in brown and black wood finishes, each accented with stainless steel trim. You’ll be able to find it online at Amazon, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Another HomeKit-compatible model called ‘The Symphony’ is due out later this year — it’s a simpler design that ditches the wood and costs a bit less at $329.

We’ve already tested out a few Haiku models in the CNET Smart Home, so we’re eager to see how well the Signal works in comparison, especially given that it’s a more affordable option. We’ll let you know all about it just as soon as we get one installed.